Savage Rose (Rosehaven Academy Book #1)

Young Adult

Scarlett Miller, a new girl who’s lost so much already is certainly in for more as she arrives at her new high school—Rosehaven Academy. Her hope to blend in fails miserably, as the star wide receiver places his claim on her, and not in a good way. Xander Grey takes the bullying to a whole new level as Scarlett tries eagerly to find her place. And yet, their consuming chemistry grows right alongside the rivalry and results in a twisted romantic connection. To add to her stack of problems, there seems to be surfacing rumors about her parents and their time at Rosehaven. Will Scarlett survive at Rosehaven, or will she be driven away before she even has time to settle in?

An enemies-to-lovers trope full of scorching-hot passion and torturing bullying that will set any reader on a rollercoaster of contrasting emotions! This author brings us a classic high school romance novel that encaptivates you with a struggling protagonist, her few supportive friends, and of course, a devilishly handsome love interest. The plot is a bit predictable and has its cliché moments, but there is a lot more to the story to be discovered. A major cliffhanger at the end will have the readers begging on their hands and knees, in desperate need of a continuation. Since it is the first novel, the lack of character complexities is understood, but if the emotional connection was more explored between the main characters, rather than just the physical, it would’ve grabbed the reader’s hearts rather than just their lustful ambitions. Nonetheless, it is an exceptionally written and instantly hooking novel!

Austen Grace