Savage Cinderella

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Young Adult

As a child, Brinn Hathaway was kidnapped  by a brutal man who held and tortured her, until finally going to far. Leaving her for dead, he never imagined she would survive and escape but he promised he would always find her.  Years later, Brinn is still hiding as far from civilisation as possible, she has learned to survive in the wilderness. At eighteen years old, however, Brinn is feeling the effects of the years of fear and loneliness she has endured. When she accidentally catches the eye of a young nature photographer, Justin Spencer, she suddenly realises there is more to life than fear - if she has the courage to overcome and step into life again.

In reading the story of Brinn, attention is drawn to the horrific subject of child abuse in a most effective, yet harrowing way.  Slated as a YA novel, it brings to light some of the darkest aspects of life, so it is suited best for older adolescents or adults. In it,  Ms. Sharon has taken such an emotionally charged subject and handled it with such finesse and compassion that, even though some of the situations stretch believability, the reader is completely and emotionally committed to the characters and their struggles and triumphs.  One can not help but shed a tear while biting their nails and hoping for the happily ever after that the young character and this riveting story evokes!

TJ Mackay