Sasha Bishop: The Return

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Sasha Bishop decides to retire from the slayer lifestyle and take time for herself by going to college, especially since she is pregnant. Sasha is part human, part shape-shifter, part vampire and slayer. She is married to Hutch, a vampire, and the baby she carries is all of those things. Sasha longs for her slayer life and continues to do dangerous things despite putting everyone she knows at risk. The past, however, will not leave Sasha alone, especially Preston, a powerful and evil vampire who wants to destroy Sasha and all she holds dear. Blake another vampire as deadly as Preston also wants Sasha and will do anything to break up her marriage, causing a war between everyone; can Sasha stop the war before it’s too late?

What a fantastically-written, action-packed paranormal romance! Unfortunately, since this book is part of a series, the relationships and how the heroine became who she is, is not really explained. So, the book can’t very well be read as a stand-alone. The story is wonderfully written, and the world building, despite how dreary it is, can be easily imagined. Sasha, the stubborn, impetuous heroine, is annoying at times, never thinking of the consequences of her actions. Then again she’s young and her feelings for everyone including Blake are understandable. Though Hutch is a powerful vampire, he seems a bit of a pushover when it comes to dealing with Sasha, which can be unnerving. The palpable suspense in the story holds the reader spellbound never letting up until the very last page!

Roslynn Ernst