Sapphire Blue

Young Adult

“Sapphire Blue” is YA book set in contemporary England. Will and Sapphire are high school sweethearts who have known each other forever. The book starts with Will getting his driver’s license and picking up Sapphire for a celebratory drive that ends in a car crash. 


The stunned Sapphire finds herself in a hazy world inhabited by her dead relatives, vibrant colors, and Soul Collectors. This new world isn’t heaven or hell, but an amorphous creation that reacts to lessons learned in a previous lifetime. Sapphire’s mission is to find Will before the Soul Collectors do. 


“Sapphire Blue” embodies the strength and ebullience of young love. Ms. King embellishes the tale with tokens of love Will and Sapphire share from pet names to songs written for one another. It is a sweet time of shared selfies and stolen kisses until the car crash. The tale switches into overdrive as Sapphire realizes her deceased state and her separation from Will.  The tension is palatable causing the reader to turn pages rapidly hoping and searching along with Sapphire for her true love.


“Sapphire Blue” doesn’t go with any establishment afterlife but reveals a new world full of zones, sky buses, and karmic repercussions. It is also a place of hope where new choices can change the outcome. Ms. King does an amazing job creating this glowing world of possibilities that includes a shadowy side too.


“Sapphire Blue” is a beautiful, tender tale of young romance, but also a lesson that love is much stronger than anything else. It is also the best YA book out there right now.


Morgan Stamm