The Saga of Indian Em’ly (Books 1-4)

Young Adult

HISTORICAL/NATIVE AMERICAN:  Wind That Knocks Down Lodges and Cactus Flower are two young Apache children aged twelve and six, respectively. While walking to the white man’s fort to see Cactus’ father, they see a soldier shoot down their mother, Indian Em’ly. The children are taken to the fort and seen to, and are there when the Comanche comes to raid the fort. Instead of letting the children return to their tribe, they are taken as prisoners with the intent of selling the two as slaves when they arrive at the next town. Is there any hope that Wind and Cactus can escape their fate and make their way home?


This short piece, which can be read in less than two hours, is a real roller coaster ride for the emotions! There are the tranquil times when nature is seen at its best and the reader can almost visualize the scenes before them. Then there are the brutal times when the reader will cringe at every switch of the whip. Although a wonderful little book, it wasn’t believable. The children kept jumping from one tragedy to the next, without any breathing room. Also, it isn’t believable that these children were able to make it all the way back home, when they had no food or water for most of the trip. This is a poignant tale of good versus evil and, evil has an equally chance as good at prevailing.


Belinda Wilson