Sacrifice (Gryphon #3)

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Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Life goes on as always. Celeste’s life as the Conduit is, as always, full of glitz and glamour...yeah, right. More like it’s a struggle to make her siblings behave, keep the demons away from the humans and survive her brother’s wedding. As long as she has her hunky Irishman Caleb next to her, she can handle everything.  Nothing lasts forever, unfortunately, and Celeste is forced to make a choice that could leave her without her love forever.  Now she has to battle her aching heart, the ever persistent demons and a leering pirate, also known as her "frenemy", Rowan:  

“I didn’t know if it was possible to kick someone hard enough to knock the cocky out of ‘em, but for Rowan I was willing to try.”

“Apologies, sir,” Rowan nodded to the bellboy. “What she lacks in size and stature she makes up for with immeasurable rudeness and a complete lack of couth.”

“Absolutely. You should put your shirt on!” That came out more of a high-pitched desperate plea than intended.

“I wasn’t aware you suffered from six-pack induced ADD”

If anyone ever doubted the magic that is Stacey Rourke, those quotes should make them believers! The hilarious, incredible world of the Conduit remains a feast of fun!  We have Celeste going through an emotional turmoil, and coming out fighting/ flirting with a new main character Rowan, the Garrets dealing with new troubles and the world heading in a strange direction! 

Mimi Smith