Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

DARK FANTASY: Korrina is beginning to understand what it truly means to be a siren. On top of that comes new duties brought on by the Council of Gods, and they’ve given her one task that she absolutely wishes she could refuse: kill the man she loves. Along with that, her siren family is growing, and the Council is eager to use that budding group as pawns in their games.

The Curse Breaker
April Kelley

FANTASY:  Eris’s sister goes off to the city on an errand for her parents, but not long after she departs, no one in town can remember her—except Eris. Meanwhile, Prince Knox tries to overcome a curse that leaves him corpse-like during daylight hours every day. It is prophesied that a girl with light magic can overcome the curse. If she is not found by his twentieth birthday, he will die.

INSPIRATIONAL:  Raised with status and luxury among the dwarves of Ordumair, Meredoch is the son of the Northern Realm’s Defender, a prospective Knight of the light, and his father’s heir. When longed for peace between Ordumair and their enemies, Ecthelowall, results in the Thane’s death, blame falls on Meredoch’s father, so Meredoch and his family are exiled.

The Weatherboy 



PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  Reed Darby may not be your typical sixteen-year-old. After all an aspiring meteorologist who is obsessed with all things weather probably doesn’t factor into most teenage descriptions. Being considered a little strange is the least of his problems compared to the turn his life is about to take.

The Order of the Key

PARANORMAL:  Jacklyn had to grow up real fast when she lost her father at a young age. She took care of her sister while her mother worked to make a living.  Jacklyn is an outcast in school but enjoys running. One night while on a run, she is attacked by a creature and rescued by a team of teenager warriors led by Kyp. Jacklyn discovers her parents were both members of the Order of the Key.