Ruse & Romance

Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Aging debutante Kitty Beaucroft needs a fiancé, but gossip and rumors have unjustly branded her a flirt. With a reputation of always championing the underdog and involving himself in situations he should stay out of, Lord Philip Butler has been ordered by his father to settle down before he can become a landowner. To save both of their reputations, an engagement between Lord Philip and Kitty seems like a means to an end for both families after jealousy sparks malicious slander. What started out as a ruse to save their images is spoiled when someone learns the truth, forcing them to rush the timetable. Can romance save the ruse that has gone terribly wrong?

Very rarely do readers find a piece this short that delivers such a high payload!  The author has the reader diving in for this delicious romance that takes place in the setting of Victorian-aged society debuts. The portrayal of scenes and characters will have one mentally hanging on the edge of one’s seat in this showstopper as the story flows seamlessly from one of intrigue to one of page-turning baited breath in an effort to see if romance can bloom.  Ms. Rogers orchestrates a beautiful ballet in this perfect setting with twists and plots that work to undermine the purest of romance. The brevity of this show-stopping, masterful romantic tale leaves one wishing the story could go on indefinitely, but will have hearts fluttering nonetheless. This innovative piece of work will have readers avidly looking to read more from this author!

Roberta Gordon