Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

PARANORMAL/HORROR:  Cain has a curse upon his head and whoever has the misfortune of killing him will receive the curse sevenfold. Lamech is that unlucky soul and with Cain’s death finds himself reawakened as a vampire. He leaves his mortal wives and is searching for something he can’t explain when he stumbles on Lilith—a promising witch—and falls in love with the maiden.

Glamour of Midnight
Casey L.

Ten years ago, Iric took in Karis after he found her wandering blind and lost outside the protective smoke wall of their city.  Now, the protection from the fae is failing and Iric has taken it upon himself to save the town, so he sneaks out past the wall.  Fearing for her adoptive brother’s safety, Karis decides to set out after him.  However, as she approaches the wall Karis’s sight is restor

INSPIRATIONAL/SUSPENSE/PARANORMAL:  Angelica and her brother, Jonah, are sent on a quest by the Archangel Gabriel. They are to journey to Nome, Alaska, seek out Aternerk Sangilak and retrieve the Rod of God. It soon becomes a perilous journey as they first encounter nephilim who are of angelic heritage. Three of them Lorne, Nanuk, and Awarumtok agree to join them on their journey.

Mercury Rises

To anyone looking, Mercury lives a completely charmed life being the daughter of a political king, but no one is able to see through closed doors or understand why the urge to run away is so strong.

DYSTOPIAN:  Living on the edge of Brighton, Reina’s future appears bleak due to an unbreakable cycle of poverty and despair. She stands out from her peers in regards to school simply because she actually wants to learn, so applies for the king’s KEY program in Brighton’s center. The king quickly takes a special interest in her, demanding she marry his son.