Rubicon (Brigid’s Ghosts, Volume 1)

Young Adult

Rubiconis defined as a point of no return once it has been reached, you cannot return to where you used to be.  For Brigid (Bridge) James, that happens the day she sees the ghosts.  Bridge had a rough junior yeardrugs, family problems, attempted suicide.  She took the summer to recover and is now trying to turn over a new leaf for her final year of high school.  She meets a new boy, Tunnel, who can see ghosts and learns that she can see them too.  One ghost in particular, Dan, keeps haunting her.  Tunnel is convinced that Dan means Bridge harm, but she isnt so sure.  One of these boys is the new beginning Bridge is looking for the other represents everything she is trying so desperately to leave behind.  

This story starts off really well.  As parts of Bridges life are revealed, the readers heart breaks more and more for her and one really wants to see her succeed.  As the tale progresses, however, it never fully delivers on the promise shown in the first few chapters.  The author tries to fit too much in this book.  Some of the minor plot points could be saved for future books in the series.  Rubiconis aimed at teenagers, but please use caution when selecting for younger teens, as it does mention some mature topics such as drug use, attempted rape, and sexual abuse of a minor.

Leslie Stokes