Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Rayne Martin was raised in the Bible belt and went to church as everyone expected her to. However, it isn’t until she chooses a random college far from home that she truly decides whether to believe or not. Unbeknownst to Rayne, the college she chose is in a town full of demons, satanic worshipers, and witches of all kinds. After some of the Christian believers in town rescue her from danger, she truly embraces God for the first time and sees herself as the daughter of the King. Called to lead the faithful against the evil forces taking over town, Rayne isn’t sure if a new Christian and teenage girl like herself has what it takes to defeat such wickedness, but if she isn’t willing to try, more than just lives will be lost — it will be their souls, too.

“Royalty” is a story of self-discovery and Christianity mixed in with some paranormal elements. The characters in the book are clear-cut and the plot has plenty of development, with lots of scriptures mixed in. The romance is a bit of roller coaster, with Rayne uncertain whether to like or hate the hero, but the romance stays at a mild but sweet level. However, the story also has several time skips, with many things happening off-screen and told by the author rather than shown. The  plot is also a bit predictable. Still, “Royalty” is an interesting take on Christian fiction, with enough action to make for an exciting read.

Sarah E Bradley