Rogue Crystal

Young Adult

Avery is on an archeological site with her cousin and boyfriend in a country with deep, unknown ancestral roots. For her, an unsettled feeling presses upon her shoulders whenever she is close to the dig, but it downright pulls her in when a body is unearthed clutching a green sword. Quickly Avery’s life is topsy-turvy and she learns she must not only love her boyfriend but deeply trust him as well, especially with the perilous fight laid for her all her loved ones.

This book is a will-o-the-wisp, engaging the reader, gleefully leading them forward; they delightfully follow. The characters are written well enough one would not be surprised to see them walking down the street and the world created is one the audience believes they should be able to research. In almost every incident the people behaved in a way matching their personality, though there is a point the protagonist randomly, briefly grows courage. The reader is constantly aware of who is speaking or thinking, but there is one hard POV shift that could confuse the audience. Adventure interspersed with awe-inspiring twists makes the time reading feel like mere moments and awakens a desire for a sequel to continue the journey of newly found friends. 

Yannie Sorensen