The Robber Knight (The Robber Knight Saga #1)

Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Lady Ayla von Luntberg lived a privileged life. Sheltered in Luntberg Castle with her father’s steward guiding her, she runs the kingdom in her ailing father’s stead. Life takes a drastic turn when the Margrave von Falkenstein throws down the gauntlet. War can be avoided only on the condition Ayla give her hand in marriage. In an act of valor (or stupidity) Ayla takes up the gauntlet, bringing war to her lands. 


Sir Reuben Rachwild wakes in Ayla's castle, injured and unaware of the true peril of his situation.  He must play a role hiding his true identity from Lady Ayla, his savior and healer. As war engulfs the kingdom around him, keeping his knowledge to himself grows more difficult.  


Ayla is a beautifully strong female character that makes women proud. Against the norm, she is willing to fight to the end to protect her people. Reuben is a hero women cannot help but fall in love with. Combine these characters with an exceptional plot and you have a dynamite keg waiting to explode! A cast of characters surround Ayla and Reuben that lift the story to a level of perfection that is not always seen. Unfortunately, author Robert Thier has made a format choice that is the only flaw to be found. The use of footnotes throughout the book became distracting, and in digital format frequently jump to the Endnote section. Otherwise, the cliffhanger ending will make the reader scream. More is definitely the next order of business!


Penelope Anne Bartotto