The Rise of Mallory (Everville #3)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SCI-FI:  Owen’s task is clear.  He must  defeat Mallory, and stop him from using the dragon Rathlar to channel his power and take control of the multiverse. The Third Pillar of Truth will tell him what to do to stop Mallory, but where is it?  When he succeeds in his quest, he learns that he must convince Rathlar to freely give up his power and allegiance to Mallory.  To do this, Owen must go back eons ago and become an Alarian, a race of shape shifters.  After living billions of years, he will meet Rathlar and try to convince him to abandon Mallory’s evil plan for total domination.  Owen is overwhelmed by what he must do, and the possibility that he may not succeed, but he sees no other way to stop Mallory.  So he agrees to start over in another life with the Alarians.  

“Everville” is a spellbinding sci-fi tale, with lots of suspense and an imaginative sci-fi plot!  There are several story lines and lots of characters; more backstory would help the story flow.  Characters and information were also introduced suddenly, with little explanation, which was confusing.  Reading the first and second books will better set the stage.  Owen is well-written as the main lead, and as the tale of his quest to defeat the evil Mallory unfolds, readers will be fascinated by the road his life must take to bring peace to the multiverse.

Victoria Z. Burg