Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  “Reverie” is the sequel to L.E. Fred’s YA fantasy novel, "Lucid". Devon, now aware of the Dreamworld, is on a mission to stop the night terrors that are beginning to invade the real world and causing many people to become comatose. Devon and his merry band of fellow teen warriors will need their wits about them if they have any hope of defeating their enemy.

For a reader, any book that is a sequel takes a bit longer to digest because she/he needs to understand how the characters interact with each other or what relationships they have. More often than not, the sequel touches on the beginning of the series to be able the reader to gradually understand what the story is about.

Head hopping happens when a chapter of a story has one character’s point of view then suddenly changes into another character’s point of view in the next paragraph. The author may have wanted to show the reader what the characters were thinking at that time but it makes for a confused reading, especially if there are more than two characters speaking within the chapter.  The end of each chapter did not flow into the next as though some event was missing, therefore jarring the reader to try and get their bearings. The premise of the story is good and will gain many YA readers but if one has to decipher whose point of view they are reading, they will not be able to invest and enjoy a story.

M.P. Ceja