Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/CHRISTIAN:  Inspiration comes in many forms and the written word is the most powerful. If “Reoriented” was a movie, it would be considered the sleeper:  the story that rises up to changes lives, elicits questions, and leaves a profound mark on those lucky enough to find it. 


The premise is controversial:  D.J. Martinez is a gay Christian man in his first year of college. He’s standing with his toes dangling off the end of a chair and a noose around his neck. Does the bible really say it’s a sin to be gay?


If you believe in love, you will read this book. Whether a reader has strong Christian values or stands among the liberal-minded crowd, it is worth every word of its one hundred and seventy-eight pages. Mr. Francke gives a mostly balanced viewpoint. Each character is pristinely penned to offer the reader a defined outlook on a highly controversial subject. Stellar scenes of debate over scripture are riveting. Beautifully written observations such as the “spider in the web” scene will captivate the reader. It is a crying shame the head-hopping gives a reader whiplash and the use of passive voice too prevalent. Yet, if there is one story that should go viral if given the chance, it is this one! 


There are burning questions posed and when heartfelt opinion faces off with emotion, it’s like flame to gasoline. A better name for this book may have been “Redemption” unless the author left a nugget for readers to figure out. “Reoriented” may be the cause, not the effect.  


Natasza Waters