Red Dragon – The Bloodline Saga: Book II of The Lands of Ayrenia Chronicles

Young Adult

FANTASY:  The sequel to Bloodline is a two-part story about the magical, fictional world of Ayrenia and the fabricated gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures co-existing alongside them. It centers on two strong female characters destined to lead in very different ways. Part I is the story of Autumn Storm, a mage with warrior abilities and her role in creating and leading the Red Dragon Mercenaries. Part II is Tessa Oak’s story, a girl with powers so unique she ultimately creates new ways to protect the land, people, and creatures she loves. Both women are pivotal in guarding Aryenia and its inhabitants against the rise of dark forces, demons who’ve taken to inhabiting the bodies of humans and non-humans.


Autumn’s story is told partially by Conan during a shipboard journey, which takes some of the mystery out of the outcome, since he’s doing the re-telling. But there is enough follow-up action to keep the reader interested in what happens after he reunites with Autumn. Tessa’s story begins by alluding to some unrevealed occurrence in her past that has left her physically scarred, and has led her to a life of chastity. Despite the feeling that this book would be better as two separate books to avoid the somewhat rushed backstory of its characters, Ms. Thornton-K. packs a lot of punch into these pages. She successfully pulls the reader into her magical, mythical world of Ayrenia and leaves them eagerly awaiting Book III.


Lori Leger