Sara Jo
Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN:  In the world of Emmie Woodard, Infinity Corp. makes the choices for you. Everything from what to wear, to what to eat, even one’s future — all of it is decided by Infinity Corp. Every year, the organization holds an event called “Recruitment”, a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges to predict the future of the Recruits, and their role in society. 

Emmie is determined to fight back, but this fight results in Infinity Corp. wanting her dead. Is it just because she dared to step up against them, or is it because of a secret Infinity Corp. has been desperate to keep? 

As far as YA dystopian novels go, this one hits all the right dots: a heroine readers can relate to, a well-built dystopian society with its own rules and traits, a heart-stopping romance, a fast-paced plot and enough mystery to keep the reader turning the pages.  

Emmie’s band of friends has a few interesting characters, but also a few that seem almost like cardboard figures, devoid of personality, or just full of stereotypes. While not exactly surprising given the dystopian background, the story would be even better if the characters had personalities that are more distinct. While not the most unique story, it definitely has a lot of potential to be an outstanding series, and the first book already sets a good example for the rest of the series.

Majanka Verstraete