Reckoning (New Haven Book 2)

Sarah Jo
Young Adult

Emmie and the residents of New Haven fled River Springs so they could be free and start over.  The four revolutionaries are coming together slowly to fulfill the prophecy foretold by their ancestors long ago.  Building a new city has its challenges and preparing the citizens of New Haven for war is even tougher. As other allies join their city, the residents must learn to work together and trust one another.  As another city shows up and threatens to destroy New Haven, the residents will have to band together quickly and scramble to defend their city.  Will New Haven survive?

“Reckoning” is a dystopian, action-packed read filled with suspense, romance, betrayal and death.  Some readers might find the pacing to be a bit slow, and details of the city rebuild are sparse, missing the problems and dangers of such a thing — crucial for a story such as this. Other details, such as how the characters are connected to one another or those of the sickness they are attempting to cure, are most likely found in the first book in the series, and readers should likely start there. Author Sarah Jo Cluff does a great job of showing humanity at its finest (and weakest), and how far one will go for freedom. The New Haven series looks to be a promising addition to the dystopian genre.

Victoria Zumbrum