Young Adult

EPIC FANTASY:  Yssa died the day of her birth, but the god Apenth chose her to be reborn as the Phoenix Prophetess, seer and guardian of Amora. However, Yssa feels cursed as her visions of tragedy haunt her, and she must now leave her home to travel to the Temple of Apenth and serve her kingdom. Determined to change the visions she sees, she races across the world with only the help of the handsome but frustrating Liam.  With war brewing, Yssa is desperate to see the future no longer, but Yssa knows better than most that destiny and fate are hard to avoid.


A new YA fantasy adventure, fans of Greek Apollo/Cassandra characters will enjoy this work. Reborn is the first in the series and is full of conflict and drama. Set in a fantasy world, new creatures fill the land for Yssa to meet. The society is well developed and Yssa is a heroine most YA fans will like. She has abilities and an important role, yet she still longs for love and the safety of her family. Liam is an interesting counter-balance to Yssa:  strong and determined when she is weak or feeling lost. The only real downside is that the story is predictable. However, YA fantasy fans looking for a nice clean read will enjoy this series and admittedly much can develop in book two!


Sarah E. Bradley