Reap (The Harvest Saga: Book 1)

Casey L.
Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN:  When a plague wipes out 90% of the world’s population, the remaining people are tested for genetic deficiencies. Those considered substandard are labeled Lessers, while those considered superior are labeled Greaters. Generations later, the Lessers labor in archaic conditions to provide for the corrupt and controlling Greater society. Abigail Blue Kelley is a hybrid, with a Lesser father and a Greater mother. Since infancy, she’s been raised by her aunt in a village whose sole purpose is to provide apples for the Greaters’ consumption. When Abbie catches the eye of Zander, the nasty tempered son of one of the controlling councilmen, it sets off a chain reaction of trouble that nearly gets her killed. But twenty-year-old Crew’s arrival In Orchard changes everything—but will it be for the better? 


Fabulous read! This delectable dystopian drama draws the reader in from page one and refuses to let go! The story and plot are like nothing this reviewer has ever read, and the characters are beautifully fleshed out, coming to life on the pages of this extremely well-crafted novel. There’s a lot going on in the storyline: corrupt government leaders, good and evil, the haves and have-nots, lifelong friendships with the possibility for more, genetic differences, plagues, adverse effects of inoculations, and the unethical ways to correct those effects. Book one of the series ends with a quasi-rescue/cliff-hanger that guarantees the reader will want to pick up the next book in this fabulous series! Brava, Ms. Bond!

Lori Leger