Raven (Chronicles of Steel #1)

Young Adult

STEAMPUNK/FANTASY:  Steam-powered horses, witches, automatons, dirigibles, royalty, and reapers, oh my! The story of Raven Steele is a dramatic dynamo of characters and events. Originally released as a serial novel, the entire tale progresses through Raven’s adventures with young Baron Darius. Charged with the authority by his brother, Baron Solomon Goodnight, to get him help, or forever protect the young boy, Raven is gifted with a journey of her own soul and heart. She will give her life to save and protect the boy and his dog. This means going against her usual beliefs and trusting both Captain Jack Grant and fellow reaper Monroe Striker. 


Prepare for an adventure that flies from moment to moment with breathtaking speed and intensity! Seeking only to reach the man that she loves, Raven literally stumbles upon a chance to redeem a life the Reaper Way. For each life she takes, she saves another - an act of redemption. Unfortunately this time she lands herself under arrest. 


From prisoner to guardian is an interesting transition, but Ms. Creeden adeptly makes every decision that creates a flowing story, start to finish. Every character has depth, every setting is detailed, and every action precise and to the point. The alternative universe is crafted with care, morphing into a believable tale that is an action-packed affair. Slipped into the adventure is love lost, and love found, as the fight to keep Darius alive and safe from every enemy progresses. More chronicles to come, thankfully! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto