Raine (Elemental #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Raine Patterson has always been an average girl floating through life, invisible but without problems, until the day Kaden Williams transfers into her school and suddenly she discovers she isn’t so average after all. Kaden has been hunting people who control the elements for years, hating them for the death of his father. Kaden knows Raine is an elemental, a powerful one, but something more is pulling him to her and he’s not sure what. With the Fey gathering to defend Raine and a witch and evil Elemental on her heels, Kaden must decide if he’s going to protect Raine or walk away. If they can find it the truth will set them free, but only if they uncover it in time.

A paranormal YA romance, “Raine” follows the typical YA pattern with a pretty girl suddenly learning she is magically special due to a boy who is more than he seems transferring into her class. Insta-love hits, confusing them both, and villains arrive to send the Hero and Heroine running while they discover her powers and fall deeper in love. On one hand the introduction of Elementals from another world is new and interesting; on the other, Raine comes into her powers too easily, believes everything too quickly and fights off the bad guys without much problem. Even Kaden, who has a dark past, gets over it too quickly, and the truth about his mother is a bit convenient. Still, “Raine” is a fluffy YA romance that a reader looking for more clean paranormal should add to their list.


Sarah E. Bradley