Questing for a Dream

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Manitoba Cree Nadie Laplante’s family and tribe are suffering from a number of problems - some self-inflicted and others seemingly without a source. After experiencing a heart-shattering loss Nadie leaves home in search of a purpose and an answer to her grief. In a world foreign to her own, where she is abused and discriminated against, can Nadie become the person she needs to be, or will she too get lost in a world of heartache and hopelessness?


Easily one of the most thought-provoking and compelling reads of the year, Ms. Workman has written a masterful contemporary account of one native teen’s journey from home and the possibilities for hope even for those drowning in poverty, prejudice, and addiction. Examining hard concepts such as death, rape, abuse, neglect, addiction, and wounds passed down from generation to generation, this story is full of raw emotion that will bring the reader to tears, yet unable to put the smoothly-paced story down. With true-to-life characters both good and bad, Nadie is inspirational. It isn't because she’s perfect but rather because she is far from it and somehow manages to find the courage in the end to become someone who can help bring her tribe forward.  A must-read tale for any book lover!


Sarah E. Bradley