Quest of Fire: The Gathering Dark

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/EPIC FANTASY:  Jason stumbles into a tavern to avoid a storm and his business. When the tavern master spins a tale of the fabled King of the Realms, Jason is certain it’s all a myth, but the story rings of truth and something about this tale of Anargen, a teen Knight of the Order of Light, catches his attention. On an adventure with his mentor Cinaed, Anargen and three other teens ride off on a special quest to mediate peace talks between rival factions, the men of Ecthelowall and the dwarfs of Ordumair. Unfortunately, the agents of the shadows, the Grey Scourge, seek to destroy both nations and the Knights as well. Can the teen knights trust in the High King and bring the light back to the dwarfs, or will both Anargen and Jason’s stories end in destruction?

A thrilling YA adventure reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, “Quest of Fire” is a complete story that fans of epic mythical adventures should not miss. Not only does it set the stage for a second book very well, if the hobbits were teenage knights, Gandalf an aging knight, and orcs were werewolves, saying this series could be the next “The Two Towers” isn’t too far. With Christian undertones, this story utilizes a steady pace to display new lands, mythical creatures, knights, magic, and action that builds well over the course of the book. The idea of a story within a story is also intriguing as it adds an extra interest to the plot fantasy lovers will not be able to resist. Overall, this is an excellent tale readers shouldn’t skip!

Sarah E Bradley