Quest of Fire: Desperation

Young Adult

FANTASY: Thomas Fenwrest is a page to Sir Hurstwell, accompanying Mia, her sister, Delia, and his cousin, Gregor, heir to the throne, to castle Yerst. When they encounter trouble along the way, they are joined by Terrillian, a Knight of Light from Libertias. Terrillian represents a world they took previously for myth. Through their adventure, they learn that not only is everything not as they thought, but they are also not all on the same side. They must quickly figure out who they can trust, and also learn to trust themselves if they want to not only win the war, but simply survive.

Mia and Thomas start off not caring for each other, yet the two teens have chemistry, despite their dislike of one another. As they learn to work together and trust one another, they find that they may not dislike each other as they first thought, but may even have feelings for one another. Romance blossoms even as they are fighting and battling for their lives. The fighting scenes are exciting, dramatic, and filled with suspense. With all of the names of different races, islands, ships, etc. it becomes hard to keep track of who is who and who is on whose side. The reader who can sift through the many complicated names and relationships will enjoy this suspense filled, action-packed story, that has a delightful touch of romance. Although this novel can be read as a standalone, it may be best enjoyed if the previous installments have been read, as one would have a better understanding of the complicated names and relationships. Engaging and exciting from beginning to end.

Cara Cieslak