Pseudocide: Sometimes You Have to Die to Survive

Young Adult

Sunday Foster has been abused physically and mentally by her parents for most of her life. All she has ever wanted is their love. She is also bullied and picked on in school but can deal with it with the help of her boyfriend and his family, who loves her. One day, Sunday decides that she is going to change her destiny and have a better life by faking her death, so she plans to finish high school, graduate, and then fake her death. Then fate intervenes and takes Sunday her down a different path than the one that was planned. The road is much scarier than she ever imagined.

“Pseudocide” is an intense and emotional read filled with a twisty plot that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as it follows the tragic life of a teenager trying to survive and change her destiny. The reader will be drawn into Sunday’s life and her struggles to survive from the first page, until the very end. One will not want to put the book down and will continue guessing what will happen next. The author has created some complex and strong characters that help and support Sunday throughout the story. The reader will find a few characters are very disturbed and others are extraordinarily strong like Sunday. The story deals with difficult subjects - death, bullying, rape, and school shootings. A.K. Smith does an excellent job in portraying the difficulties and atrocities children face every day. “Pseudocide” has suspense, mystery, romance, and intrigue. It’s a must read!

Victoria Zumbrum