A Prophecy of Wings

Young Adult

FANTASY: Sixteen years ago, Edwina delivered a prophecy to the kingdom that would change the fairy world forever. Through the birth of Lina, the prophecy begins to be fulfilled when the evil Dahlia kills her twin sister and takes over the throne. Lina, having been raised in the mortal world all this time, is only just discovering who she really is—the rightful heir to the fairy throne. When Edwina brings her back to the fairy world, Lina finds herself in a mix of troubling situations she must escape from, all the while meeting whimsical animals and fairies along the way. Hiding who she truly is, Lina must determine who is friend or foe. Will they stand beside her in the battle to rightfully take back her throne, or will they alert Dahlia to her presence? Can she even be the leader the fairies want or need after Dahlia has fractured the kingdom so severely?

An exciting retelling and revision of Thumbelina, this novel draws the reader in with its beautiful characters and expertly written descriptions of the fairy world. The writer does a masterful job with Lina’s personal growth throughout as she progresses from a shy and timid young girl to a courageous and wise leader of the fairies. The friends she makes and even the enemies she encounters along the way feel real and authentic, bringing the story to life. Lina’s love for and devotion to the fairies is unmistakable even though she has only just learned she is one. An absolute must read if one wants to find themselves lost within the pages of a beautiful fairy tale.

Marie Sanderson