Prophecy Awakened (Prime Prophecy Series Book 1)

Young Adult

The first day of Eden’s senior year at a new school is nerve-wracking in and of itself. Then she sees Noah and it feels like her world has fallen apart — she’s never felt this way with anyone else she’s ever met. She soon discovers the feeling is mutual and it scares him as much as it does her. As they explore their unusual connection Eden finds herself immersed in a world she never thought existed, and she isn’t sure she wants any part of it. Unfortunately, she quickly discovers that there is no escaping what lies ahead for her and Noah.

“Prophecy Awakened” is the first book in the “Prime Prophecy” Series and is an excellent beginning to what looks to be a wonderful series. Tamar Sloan is a tremendous story teller. Although the premise is a well-used trope Ms. Sloan has made it unique, adding twists and turns not seen in any other series. She has a way with words that bring her characters and descriptions to life. The book has one issue that may dissuade readers: a cliffhanger ending.  However, any reader who enjoys series fiction has learned to expect some kind of unfinished business at the end of the first and second books. Young Adult fans of werewolf or vampire stories will fall in love with “Prophecy Awakened”. There is a little bit for everyone here —love, loss, intrigue, mystery, and friendship.

Mary-Nancy Smith