Princess of the Damned (Skeleton Key)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Eiress, Princess of the Damned, has survived on the Isle for fourteen years. Hers is a world of nightmares that Landon sees with the help of any mirror. She can feel his presence, but is otherwise chained; compelled to attend nightly balls, but dancing with the damned souls would free them for another lifetime and send her to hell, leaving no one on the Isle willing to open the gates of the same. Bloody Mary and Elizabeth, who are immune to the consequences of one dance, strive to send evil back to Landon’s side of the mirror. When Eiress’ mother asks Landon to help free her daughter, he does not hesitate, but the consequences could be dire!


Emotions are well-drawn and appropriate, allowing the reader to empathize with the main characters. The dedication, to readers suffering from depression, lends a deeper meaning to this straightforward, sweet teen love story with a paranormal twist. The prologue is unnecessary, but there is a good balance of third person narrative and dialogue. A fourteen-year connection compels Landon and Eiress to act atypically as far as the people who know them are concerned. Though there is a repetitious quality to the writing, dynamic main characters aid the page-turning quality of the story. The reader will find themselves surprised at a couple of key points and satisfied by story’s end. 


Heather R. Nielsen