Priceless (Perilous #3)

Tamara Hart
Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Jaci is one of four girls that were abducted as young teenagers — they barely escaped with their lives two years ago and Jaci is trying her best to move on.  She took up running to calm herself and clear her head, but with so many distractions lately she's not at her best and her track coach knows it. Her first love, Ricky, has moved away with his family. Now she has caught the eye of Joe, a handsome high-school jock. She is so torn and has so many demons she is always on high alert. When mysterious notes as threats appear she has to reach out to her father for reinforcements. 

Wow! "Priceless" is wonderfully written and will keep readers engaged. This gives readers little bits of information at a time in order to draw out the story line, and the author keeps readers sitting on the edge of their seats. The mysterious notes and the reason for Jaci’s father's seclusion are kept from the reader for just the right amount of time and add drama to the tale. The paranoia created subtle and ominous and the conclusion dramatic, bringing the story full circle. There is teen-age sex trafficking in this book, however the story is more about recovery and the bond that the girls created out of a horrible situation. This is a standalone novel; however, reading the previous two books in the Perilous series others may shed light on the characters for new readers.

Viola Robins