Pretty Little Werewolf

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Giselle Richards is a teenage foster kid and werewolf who has been bounced from placement to placement. Meeting the Hernandez family of Las Vegas may change that. The family of four – also werewolves – offers her a home, but Asher Thrace, a hot guy at school, warns her against joining the Hernandez pack. Her would-be family also tells her to stay away from Asher. The latest issue in the family feud? A Thrace cousin went missing, and Martina Hernandez is blamed for the disappearance. Giselle wants to join the Hernandez pack, but not if this cold war is about to heat up. Her goal: find a way to stop the feud – not an easy task!


The reader knows what the concrete problem is by chapter five, though they are not aware of its depth until later. Characters are introduced as part of the natural progression, and the natural conversation between them always has a purpose where the plot is concerned. There are, however, numerous small editing issues. Cursing is present (though not without cause), and there is a passing reference to non-sexual nudity when characters have shifted from wolf to human form or vice-versa. This work is not a romance, but it does focus on the love of family.


Enjoy this wonderfully written, evenly-paced mix of the paranormal and the everyday teenage life. The balance between pack politics and ordinary life really makes this story work.


Heather R. Nielsen