Pieces of Love

Young Adult

Alexis Hartman has finally pushed her mom and step-dad to their limit. Her mother is under a doctor's care after a nervous breakdown and her step-dad Mitch, a local police officer, has done all he can.  When 16-year old Ali gets busted for possession of marijuana, he puts Ali on a plane from Connecticut  to Los Angeles to spend two months of her summer vacation with her paternal grandmother Maddie. 

When Maddie realizes she cannot get a refund on a previously booked three-week European seniors' cruise, she adds Ali to the reservation and she is on a plane again, air sickness and all.  Dreadful trip or summer of her life?

“Pieces of Love” captures the female adolescent superbly!  Added to the dynamics of the death of family members and drug use, Alexis' ongoing struggles and internal battles are relatable and easy to follow. This deftly-written tale takes a bit to get rolling, but when it does, readers will make a quick read of this lovely story. The main characters are authentic and the family relationships with life experiences lead to maturity and compassion. Grandma Maddie is fun-loving and many families likely have one just like her. It’s a fun read that takes readers along on a wonderful vacation to visit many historical ports of call where love is discovered on many levels. Excellent!

Julie Caicco