Phantom (Dark Musicals #1)

Young Adult

THRILLER:  Becca was thrilled when she found out her high school musical was going to be Phantom of the Opera. She is a shy girl but she’s such a fan of the musical she has to try out for a part.  Much to everyone’s surprise she is cast in the female lead role of Christine. The school heart throb, Tom, is also trying out. Tom, however, is shown up by Lord Justyn who is known as the school ‘Goth’ freak.  Justyn ultimately he gets the part of the Phantom.  The love triangle starts there and so do threats against Becca.  In true phantom style, tragedies and death surround Becca and the cast of the play.

The first half is of this story builds rather slowly  but once the twist of the plot begins, the pages turn a little quicker. The mystery of who is responsible for multiple deaths is intriguing. Even though all suspicions point to one, the story takes a turn that no one will suspect! Although "Phantom" is labelled YA, it may not be appropriate for those sensitive to the violent content which comes in at the end. For those who are familiar with the musical “Phantom of the Opera” (and even those who aren't), this is one to enjoy!

Julie Caicco