The Pet Finds a Boy (The Adventures of Lok'Toria)

Young Adult

Lok’Toria has been bombarded by mysterious visions. As the Oracle she should be able to discern their meaning and help her father lead her people. Unfortunately, her parents do not seem to realize that she has grown up, and that the human prince, William, still holds her heart. William has waited long enough to reunite with the Orc he loves, and sets out to find her. But an ancient evil is haunting them both, determined to keep them apart. Their only hope lies in Lok’Toria’s visions, and a special wolf set to guard William, but can the young Oracle learn to control and understand her gift or will their old enemy destroy them first?

The second book in “The Adventures of Lok’Toria”, the story picks up shortly after the first leaves off, and leans heavily on the characters, relationships, and plot of the prior book. Written for a YA audience, this tale focuses on a Human and Orc pairing (rather unique in the fantasy genre) and then takes it a bit further by adding in Oracle powers, betrayal, action, and romance. However, the story has a tendency to switch points of view without much warning, utilizes time skips or placing scene out of order, which is confusing, and builds up the side character’s story while leaving the main characters to do a bit of running around and then just leaving them in a cliffhanger. Fortunately, as a middle book, there is plenty of potential for a wonderful conclusion in the next one based on the build up here, and fans of YA high fantasy should find a great deal to enjoy in the end. 

Sarah E Bradley