Pendulum (The Meumarian Chronicles #2)

Young Adult

STEAMPUNK:  Being a part of a Triune destined to play a great part in the upcoming war hasn’t brought Semara a whole lot of joy. Still, she has evaded her mother so far and is on her way to Europe to join the fight. But will the Council ever be able to trust her and her friends? That remains to be seen. However, it seems her missing memories might hold the key. Yet the more she remembers, the deeper the mystery she becomes until one question becomes essential-who is she really? And has everything so far been a lie?

There is one man who holds all the answers-her absent father. A long awaited reunion may yet come to pass, but it might not be as happy as Semara imagined.

If there is anything better than an epic battle for good, millions of readers since Tolkien would be quite surprised! Ciara Knight carries it off with style-and the story hasn’t even gotten to the most exciting bit yet! Semara, Ryder and the crew are the perfect unlikely saviors, as intrigues at a political level are enriched with personal ones within the players. The traces of history and its consequences leave the characters much more defined, especially the Queen and Semara’s father. The only things that can throw a reader off is the confusing beginning for those who have not read the first book. The  cliffhanger ending may also be a problem.  “What happens next?” is a question that will be hounding the readers for quite some time after finishing “Pendulum”!

Mimi Smith