Path to Old Talbot

Young Adult

Charity knows what it is like to grow up in a dysfunctional household with a father who is always on the brink of a mental collapse. No longer able to live in worry and fear, Charity and her mother, Isadora, move to a house in Isadora’s old neighborhood. There they discover a portal to the Talbot of the past. As they explore this old world, they make friends and relationships along the way. Now balancing their lives in both the past and present, Charity learns who and what she really wants in her life. With this discovery, however, come hard choices and even bigger losses. 

“Path to Old Talbot” is nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotion and adventure. As every page brings a new and exciting discovery for readers, no one will be able to guess what is coming next. The book has its issues, however, including the fact that Charity thinks and feels like someone much older than she is — reacting to events more as an adult than a child is at times. Moreover, parts of the book set in the past are sometimes implausible, leaving readers wondering about the accuracy of the book. One example is how Charity and Isadora speak like people in the past. It seems forced and incorrect. This could be easily corrected if as much time was spent researching this aspect of the past as on proper clothing. These issues aside, readers will have an enjoyable time reading this book as they try to balance the past and the present with Charity and her family.

Hannah Hurdle