Pandora’s Jar (Veil Walker)

Young Adult

Pandora’s life is complicated.  Her father is a famous rock star and her mother a well-known author, with neither one having time for her teenage needs. Then there’s Pandora’s ability to see ghosts, which makes her an outcast among her friends.  When Pandora decides to go live with her mother in Florida, little does she realize she’ll find out an even bigger secret about herself.  But all she can think about is Ukwa, a mysterious boy in her class at school.  He moves with a catlike grace; there’s something more to him that Pandora just can’t put her finger on.  When a young ghost named Nancy asks Pandora to solve her murder, Ukwa is the natural one to help her.  He’s not puzzled by her ability to see ghosts; in fact he can see them too!  Ukwa has a secret of his own he’s keeping.  As he falls hopelessly in love with Pandora, that secret is getting harder to keep, and soon their destinies will intertwine in a way they could have never imagined.


“Pandora’s Jar” is a romance fraught with the paranormal.  The story line is well written, with ghosts and spirits dominating the plot.  The romance between Pandora and Ukwa tends to sputter, with the emotion not always matching the tempo of the story.  A surprise murderer and an unexpected peek into Ukwa’s supernatural heritage will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and Pandora’s love will bring her choices with life changing consequences.


Victoria Z. Burg