Owl Eyes: A Fairy Tale

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Ever since Nora can remember she has been a kitchen maid under Greta and Peter, the people she considers her parents — knowing her mother has passed away and unsure of whom her father might be. When a girl from the main house makes a cruel comment to Nora about her father, she is devastated and cannot help but to seek his identity, effectively throwing her life into unfamiliar chaos. Finally learning who her father is, and who her mother was, she must continue her perilous journey of self-discovery and needs to decide which path she will stay traversing.

Fans of both Hamlet and Cinderella will find familiar themes in this enchanting and gripping tale. Although this is a reimagining of a couple of stories, it manages to stand in stark contrast as its own saga and truly captures the audience with its descriptive writing, allowing readers to participate in this world for a short while. Overall, the pacing is great, not going too fast or slow, with a couple exceptions where it does drastically slow down. There are also a couple of rough transitions here and there. The characters are strong, able to stand on their own, and have the capability to elicit strong emotions in the one honored enough to step into the path this story lays. This is a book which cannot be put down once picked up and will keep one enthralled past the ending!

Yannie Sorensen