Over Ruled (Over Ruled #1)

Young Adult

Nova Hart is in back in the kingdom of Sterling with her father to rescue her recently orphaned cousin. Due to the strict rules of the kingdom, they are stuck there for longer than Nova is comfortable. What she doesn't know is that the Queen’s Guard is watching her, looking for a power she’s not even aware that she possesses. Princess Jade is not allowed out of the castle. Heavily protected as the only heir to the kingdom she knows little of the outside world. Jade is waiting to receive the magical powers she has inherited from her mother, but Queen Katrina has plans that will keep her trapped. Chael, a Guardsman also trapped by the Queen, has a plan to set all of them free.

“Overruled” is an intriguing story and the author's world building will engross the reader. The characters are distinctive and distinguished, multi-dimensional and compelling. Queen Katrina is an excellent villain and readers will love to hate her. It is interesting that Nova isn’t even aware of her power. The world building is exquisite and believable, with an intricate plot, but the pacing of the novel is a little disjointed and the narrative does little to draw the reader in. This leaves the story a little underwhelming.  Nonetheless, “Overruled” depicts a majestic world where magical things happen, which will intrigue readers and leave them eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Jessica Samuelsen