Ormnhi Moon

Young Adult

FANTASY ADVENTURE:  It’s been five years since Afeclin, Wolflang, and Lenna left Tebelligan and set out into the world. Now after the war has ended, the Dark Mage has grown in strength, and trolls and dark knights are occupying towns all over, putting the Scorpius on guard. With the Dark Mage hunting down a powerful object, Afeclin sets him off on a quest to complete his wizard training and uncover the Dark Mage’s plans. As the three friends reunite once again, they’ll discover just how much they’ve each changed and test their feelings against the darkness that seeks to overwhelm them and face the prophecies of the Ormnhi Moon.


An elven high fantasy, this is the second book in the “Titanian Chronicles”. The story alternates between several points of view and is not always clear who each chapter is about, however, the story flow is steady, and there is plenty of magic, drama, dragons, and action to satisfy any high fantasy reader. The love triangle adds some drama to the sudden romance, although it is more of a sideline to foiling the Dark Mage’s plots. The cast of side characters give the story more depth although the story lacks the extra spark to make it stand out in the genre as something new. Still, the story does end in a high-tension cliffhanger and readers will look forward to the next book to see if love and the Ormnhi Moon really will conquer all.


Sarah E Bradley