The Oregon Trail (Benny and the Bank Robber, 3)

Mary C.
Young Adult

Ben Carlise, a smart young man who has attended Brigham School for boys, has a bright future. He's been offered a position with the Detroit Sentinel upon graduation. Torn between a secure future and moving out west, his life long dream, he seeks comfort and guidance from God who answers his prayers.  He is to start a sister newspaper in Oregon and along with his family, he begins a journey which will test his faith in God, himself and mankind.  Ben's adventure is truly an exciting one.
 Although Ben is only 16 years of age, he seems mature beyond his years. At times this seems almost unbelievable. He is certainly an easily likable character and a hero which in this type of adventurous, “cowboys in the old west” style story, the reader is drawn to him. There is a strong Christian influence throughout, that at times is a little over bearing and occasionally causes the story to stagnate. Violet Mitchell, a young girl who has been left behind and is sweet on Ben unfortunately does not have a strong presence in this book and for the reader, it would have been a treat to see more of a love story develop. Still, when the drama and action does take place, it really sweeps the reader away!
Margaret Faria