Once Upon A Road Trip

Angela N.
Young Adult

MEMOIR:  Angie is ready to break out.  She’s graduated high school and is ready for an adventure.  Her answer is to take a two month road trip visiting friends she has met as part of an online writing community...that’s right, she’s staying mostly with folks she’s only met on the Internet!  Is anyone else nervous about this?  She feels confident that she won’t have any problems, but the only way to find out is to get on the road and see!  


Her travels take her up and down the East Coast and into Canada, meeting her online friends and their families.  Everyone is fairly welcoming, she eats different foods, sees some great sights, maybe one or two scary moments - it’s the trip of a lifetime!  What she doesn’t expect is for romance to pop up unexpectedly, with more than one boy.  Angie really has to search her heart and pray that she’s on the right track, it’s all so confusing. She tries to be true to herself and honest with her feelings, but it’s still hard. 


“Once Upon A Road” is a great travel story about Angie's adventures on the road.  The descriptions of everyone she meets are whimsical and endearing, especially as she compares them in “real life” to their online personas.  There are a couple of problems:  the story line tends to drag with repetitive, similar events and the dialog also occasionally enters the “he said/she said” mode.  


This tale will appeal to everyone’s sense of wanderlust, and keep its readers guessing whether or not Angie will find true love in her travels. A true coming-of-age memoir, and a fabulous read.


Victoria Z. Burg