Neverland (Adventure in Neverland #1)

Young Adult

Throw out all your preconceived notions about Peter Pan and immerse yourself in Anna Katmore's version of “Neverland”!  Angelina McFarland falls off her balcony one night, and finds herself caught in the arms of a flying boy named Peter Pan. Not knowing how she got there or how to get home, she sets off by herself to find the answers, only to be captured by Captain Hook. As she spends more time on Neverland, however, her memory seem to fade. She must find a way home or lose what memories she has of her family. Angelina gets caught up in the battle between Captain Hook and Peter Pan, but the more time she spends with Hook, she soon comes to realize he isn’t the mean, nasty pirate she believed him to be…..


What an interesting take on the classic Peter Pan story! Some of the threads are similar to the original, but Ms. Katmore has twisted it and made it her own. Instead of Angelina taking care of the Lost Boys, she falls in love with Hook (Jamie). This is a fun, entertaining read but parents beware: There are a lot of *F* bombs and swearing for a YA novel, and the young characters of 17 and 19 do have sex (no graphics, just a mention). One is left dangling off the cliff at the end, but this story is so delightfully enjoyable that it succeeds in leaving the reader aching to know what happens next!


Lynne Bryant