Never Forgotten (Never Forgotten #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Meara’s life is falling apart.  Her mom Sharon is dying of cancer, her dad has never been around, and now they’re moving to Canada, away from everything Meara holds dear.  They’ll be living with Meara’s grandparents whom she’s never met.  And her mom won’t tell her about her father David or why he left; only that she loved him and he couldn’t stay.  


Canada isn’t too bad, and meeting the gorgeous Evan definitely makes things better, but Meara still has unanswered questions.  Imagine her surprise when her dad shows up to answer them!  David is a Selkie, a seal-like being that can take on human form for a limited time.  Even though Meara is a Halfling, she will still have some of their strange powers, and her life will change forever.  What about her mom and Evan?  She also has her new Selkie family, her aunts Brigid and Ula.  Meara doesn’t know if she can trust them, or even David. 


 “Never Forgotten” is a sweet romance with a paranormal twist!  The relationship between Meara and Evan is tender and develops well, even if it is predictable.  The plot weaves well, and David’s reappearance, his reconnection with Sharon, and the Selkie descriptions will keep readers wanting more.  Some threads drop abruptly, tantalizing the reader about what happened to Ula or Brigid.  A Book 2 is definitely in order!  “Never Forgotten” is a real page turner, and will keep everyone wondering if Meara will embrace the Selkie life in the ocean or opt for Evan and human love on land.


Victoria Z. Burg