Nature’s Confession

J. L.
Young Adult

SUSPENSE THRILLER/SCI-FI:  Teenagers Boy and Valentine live in a world where “the only remaining corporate rival is Nature”. “Busywork” pays more than the work that needs to be done and, though people are discouraged from thinking outside the box, Boy and his dream girl go against the grain. They help in the fight against the Emperor of Earth and Ocean, who has no environmental concerns whatsoever. The first step in the fight for Nature comes about, quite by accident, after Boy is hired to do coding for an underground organization; the intention being to create a “living library” to fight against censorship.


There is no doubt that this cli-fi (Climate Fiction) piece has a unique plot and creative characters who inhabit not only Earth, but Grod and Phira as well. Of note is Cuppy, a many-tailed pet. There is an educational aspect to the work, with questions for discussion at the end. The author writes in both first and third person; where the first person POV was used made those chapters easier reads. Dialogue is also widely used and sparse editing issues exist. Be advised that nuances may be missed if this futuristic tale is not read carefully. Romantic love takes a back seat to more pressing concerns, but is alluded to, and the all-too-human ups and downs of life double as plot vehicles. 


Though the writing style may be a stumbling block, the story is imaginative, thought provoking and action-filled.


Heather R. Nielsen