My Golden Horse

Young Adult
Ellen Sanz has endured a terrible year. After her mother, Linda’s accident leaves her visually impaired and ends her career as a show jumper, Ellen and her mother find themselves at Linda’s parents attempting to recover from both surgeries and Linda’s subsequent downward spiral. Unfortunately, little can dampen Ellen’s anger at the world and her frustration over these events, until a sassy palomino horse named Lemon Meringue, nicknamed Tandy, trots into her life. Then a chance to work part time at the nearby horse farm introduces Ellen to a group of horse mad teens including a cute boy named Joel. Suddenly the opportunity to ride instead of just photographing her mother presents Ellen with a choice, to give up her anger and ride, or cling to the past.
Horse lovers rejoice, for Ms. Akervik has written a delightful story of a girl overcoming her anger and fear and finding confidence through her connection to a horse. A tidy stand-alone tale, the story has minimal conflict, a light romance, and a plethora of growth. Suitable for the Hallmark channel, this story is less about the trauma Ellen and her mother went through and more about Ellen regaining confidence. As a result, the plot focuses on the decisions both good and bad that she makes. Readers who prefer a lighthearted and simple story with a firm ending will find this book more than meets the mark!
Sarah E Bradley