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Young Adult

Paranormal: In just how many ways can someone’s life be messed up? Unfortunately for the characters of Moonshine, readers are about to find out. You can be:
1. Sharing your body with the spirit of a man who died in front of you, like Rivanna Rivers.  You can also be forced to put up with your mom’s boyfriend, the high school Principal.
2. Remembering very disturbing things you hope are from another life, like Jack Lyons is.
3. Trying to avoid going to jail for making moonshine, like Matt Maddox is.
4.  Forced to take care of yourself, while going to school, because your parents are gone and your grandfather is recently deceased and buried in the background, like Annabelle Freeman is.
As the lives of these and many other characters intertwine, chaos may erupt. But, that doesn’t mean the High School party won’t be held! The show must go on, as they say.
This is original and just plain fun! The many, many, threads and viewpoints can get a bit confusing at times, though. They also make it difficult for a reader to really get to know a character.  All of the stories, as well as the abrupt ending of the book give this prequel the feel of a TV series episode... all will be continued and resolved in later books.
However, the book is remarkably easy to read and is highly addictive, so kudos to Sofie Couch for an innovative, interesting debut!
Mimi Smith