The MirrorMasters

Young Adult

Leah Ellis is found abandoned on Sea Cliff as a toddler. She grows up and leads a typical teenage life with her adopted family, friends, and fun. Everything begins to unravel the day her life takes a twist - she begins seeing the images in her bedroom mirror of another world, and she can go right through.  


In this action-packed offering the reader is taken through the mirror with Leah and becomes part of the adventure - jumping on a motor bike, blasting though space, and flying through colorful lands and forests trying to prevent the destruction of Jantyr by Leah’s evil sister, who helped to create this monumental destruction. Leah has never seen anything like this on planet Earth, of course: purple oceans, and red deserts. She soon discovers she is a 'Mirror Master', an alien from Jantyr. She holds the key to thwart her sister's plans, so she must leave Earth and return to her home planet of Jantyr to save her people.


"The MirrorMasters" is an imaginative and brisk-paced tale for adventurous young adults, who will enjoy the story from beginning to end.  The author creates a fantastical planet and the settings are wildly creative and vividly portrayed. Part of the book is rushed though, and in parts quite predictable. The author needs to have more of an introduction to her very likeable characters. Why is Leah so special? Why was Jenny in a cemetery? Why could Leah see things in the mirror? Only until much later do we find the answers. 


L. Kane