The Mind’s Eye (SYNSK #1)

Young Adult

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  During World War II, Kit Cavendish and her younger brother Leighton are shipped off to Wales, to live with a family they’ve never met.  Kit struggles with an unknown illness that affects her ability to walk. She’s bound to a wheelchair, but according to her new doctor in Wales, she might walk one day – if only she puts her mind to it. But the doctor seems to have incredibly high expectations, and no matter how much progress Kit makes, it’s not enough.

Kit also has a special power, a psychic ability that enables her to connect with other people; to see through their eyes, and speak in their mind. She connects with Henri, a boy on the continent, and the two of them form a special bond. Kit wants to help Henri escape to the United Kingdom, but with all of Europe at war, that might be more difficult than she thought. On top of that, she also has to fit in with her new family, who goes through some of war’s hardships as well.

The author does a great job of transporting the reader back to Wales during World War II. Kit’s disability adds an extra dimension to the story and makes it easy for the reader to connect with her.  The secondary characters shine as well, each with their own personality traits and background. The writing is refreshing, and the plot is original and unpredictable. A promising beginning to a uniquely-set series!

Majanka Verstraete